The Entertainer( Nottingham).... Paul

Every year we are entertained about this time by the boy/girl duo TABU and this year was no exception and as always they put on a sparkling night of entertainment. Tony and Andrea just go from strength to strength and are just about to embark on their tenth consecutive season at Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens. You don't get a job like that for so long without having a ton of ability and this pair really have. In addition to this they are two of the nicest people in the business. Thanks again Tony and Andrea for another very special night.

The Entertainer.... Dave the Rave

This particular Sunday night I made my way over to Highfields Miners Welfare to see a duo by the name of Tabu.
If you're a regular visitor to Blackpool, the chances are you will have seen Tabu performing at The Winter Gardens. I can't remember how many years Tony and Andrea have clocked up in the Victoria Bar, but I do know they are now regarded as part of the furniture.

Getting back to Tabu's performance at Highfields, you can see that this duo have been there done it and got the T-shirt. Taking us through the 70's, 80's 90's and right up to todays chart material it's easy to see why Tabu are such big hits with Blackpool holiday makers.

Bentinck Miners Welfare Club

Then came TABU. This is another act that has not been to see us for a few years so were do I begin? The show hasbeen totally re-done with right up to date songs with a new p/a and light show. Tony and Andrea did a fantastic job with three encores, what more can you ask for. Even the younger members were asking when are they coming back.One thing I ask is keep the show fresh to all acts and take a leaf out of Tabu's book and refresh your show. Someacts are getting so predictable in what is coming next.

Billingham Cons Club

Last night I seen a brilliant duo called TABU, Andrea and Tony from Chorley have two excellent sets with great sounding tracks, add to this an excellent light show and you have an act worthy of any stage, I really do look forward to seeing them again and I would hope it is not too long before we do.