I started singing at the age of 17 with Tony in a duo called Deja-Vu. We traveled around the clubs, mainly locally in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester clubs and pubs. We used the club backing and we were in this duo for about one and half years. In 1984 we joined together with Gary (bass player), Steve (drummer) and Sandra (keyboards) and Tabu (group) was formed. We worked all over the country and started our first summer season in 1986 at The Villiers Hotel, Isle of Man. In 1985 all the members took the brave step of leaving their full time occupations and becoming professional. After 4 very enjoyable and successful years the group disbanded and Tabu duo was formed. We have had a summer season ever since including Warner and Haven venues across the country and a 14-year season at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool.
My musical career started at school where I was a member of the school brass band playing trombone. At the age of 14 my dad bought me a guitar and I taught myself how to play. Soon my brother (Colin from Whizzkid) and myself formed a band at the local youth club and we played in the band for six months or so - this was our first taste of performing live. In 1979 we formed a band with some of my work colleagues and we were called Tradewind. The band was together for a couple of years and played the semi-pro circuit around the country. In 1982 Andrea and I formed a duo called Deja-vu and we also did the semi-pro circuit using the clubs organist and drummer. In 1984 we auditioned to join a local band who later were to be known as Tabu. We worked hard and soon had a good reputation on the circuit playing venues all over the UK and in Europe. In 1989 the band split up (on good terms) and Tabu Duo was formed.